Journal 2007 Youth


The youth trip to Schenectady

There was another exchange. A number of young people from Nijkerk were able to stay with American families.
In this way young people were able, in a direct way, to acquaint themselves with the American way of life, American culture, daily life and a part of the American society.
The youth was asked on the intake form to indicate why they would like to go. One of them very clearly wrote the following:

“I would like to participate because I think that this is an experience that will make me more independent which can help me with other things in my life. I would also like to be part of the group that goes to Schenectady because I want to learn more about other cultures. And by going to a country with another culture you will learn the most about it. It will be interesting to see how the American way of life is in general and in particular in Schenectady. I’m curious whether you can find any English remains here.
With this trip I will get to know new people. I might even make some new friends. And because I go to school to Amersfoort, I would like to get to know more people in Nijkerk.
A big plus is that we will go to NY City for a few days. And I want to find out if it is true what they say “New York City is the city that never sleeps”
These are a few of my reasons for wanting to go to Schenectady, and I think we will have a good time. ”

The program was as follows.
The departure was on July 13 from Schiphol

  • July 13, Friday. Arrival at JFK airport, pick up at Airport. Welcome dinner
  • July 14, Saturday. A day with the host family
  • July 15, Sunday. Day at Great Escape, for all who would like to go
  • July 16, Monday. Day in Schenectady –
    – Police Department Tour
    – Meet the Mayor, official visit
    – Picnic lunch at Freedom Park
    – Visit the 109th Air National Guard
    – Time at Sportsplex
    – Evening with host family
  • July 17, Tuesday. Group 1 went on the Half Moon at Verplank NYGroup 2 went to Howe Caverns, then on to Gilboa- to Mine Kill State Park for lunch and swimming. Evening with host family
  • July 18, Wednesday – Hiking in the Adirondack with a nature guide.
  • July 19, Thursday – Thatcher Park – swimming, picnic and then shopping at Cross Gates Mall.
  • July 20, Friday – White Water Rafting, walk around Lake George, evening events at the Summer Nights in Downtown Schenectady
  • July 21, Saturday. Exchange day – Group 1 came back from Half Moon, Group 2 went on The Half Moon.
  • July 22, Sunday. Day with host family Group 1 had the same program as Group 2
  • July 25, Wednesday. Farewell Dinner at the Turf Tavern, Scotia
  • July 26, Thursday. Entire group Departed for New York City

After the stay in Schenectady from July 26 till July 29 they stayed in New York City, in the Vanderbilt YMCA hotel.
Monday, July 30, they came back in the Netherlands.

Report from the USA, Tuesday, July 24

It was very nice, we met nice people, and we have seen and done a lot of nice things. The first day we did not do much, we rested after the long trip, which was perfect. The rest of the weekend everyone stayed with his own host family. I went to Grosscates, the big mall, and have been playing golf, paint ball and have been swimming. It was all very nice. Monday we met the mayor and visited the police station. Tuesday I went aboard the Half Moon for five days. It was fun but it lasted too long and did split up the entire group. The only whole day we had together, was Monday, I think this is too short, the purpose is that you go on vacation with a group so you want to be a group. Saturday I left the boat and that evening we went to a party. Sunday we, along with my host family and Christian, one of the other Dutch children, went to the Great Escape, a big amusement park. Monday we have been to the cave, have been bowling and went to Grosscates. Today we go hiking, we must get up early it is now half past six. But I do like this tremendously! It is a nice group, it is a pity that the group is split up and you only see each other in New York City.
Norbert Heimensen.

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