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The Adult Exchange from Schenectady to Nijkerk

April 28, Thursday, Arrival in Nijkerk and Welcome Reception.
Our friends arrived at Schiphol and were picked up by bus for the journey to Nijkerk They were welcomed in “De Rode Schuur” and introduced to their host families. After a rest we all had a Potluck dinner in the “Wijkcentrum Corlaer”.

April 29, Friday, The Nijkerk Day.
This meant a visit the Museum St. Oud Nijkerk where they were informed about the history of Nijkerk.
In the Town hall the lunch was served. After lunch they were welcomed by Mayor Renkema. In his speech he emphasized the ties Nijkerk has with Schenectady. This was confirmed in the speech by Edith Terschegget.

Mayor giving gifts & Mayor receiving a gift from Michael

After those words of welcome there was a guided tour in the town hall. After the visit of the town hall everybody was free to visit market and do some shopping.

April 30, Saturday, The Queen’s Birthday.
This was a day with the host families, to visit the special markets and street shows. It was beautiful weather and there was much to see and visit

May 1, Sunday
Program with host families, and some visited the Church .

May 2, Monday, Visit to Amsterdam.
First, after some coffee, we enjoyed a Canal cruise. After taking pictures of the old canal houses, grachten huizen, as they call it in the Netherland we had Lunch at Heffer Accijnshuis, a former tax house were you had to pay tax to enter the city. In the afternoon there was a visit to the Anne Frank Museum, or as alternative to the Willet-Holthuysen Museum.
The rest of the afternoon one was free to do some Shopping.
After an intensive day in Amsterdam we arrived at the Nijkerk train stationTrain station

May 3, Tuesday, Museum, Arnhem.
This day we visited the Open Air Museum and one was free to roam the park and to visit the old houses and farms from the Dutch country side.
The evening was spend in the Vredeskerk. We had a presentation by Jan van de Kuinder. Subject is “Aspects of the History of the Netherlands”.

May 4, Wednesday
This day we spend in Bunschoten-Spakenburg and visited the museum of traditional costumes and the old village.
In the late afternoon we gathered at the Town hall to start the Memorial procession (Silent March) including laying wreaths at the war memorial.

War Memorial

May 5, Thursday, Visit Amersfoort, running dinner.
A visit of the old city of Amersfoort and a trip through the canals of Amersfoort. The evening we had a Running Dinner and a lot of Dessert at Edith’s place

May 6, Friday, Visit to Alkmaar, cheese market and sea shore.
It was a visit of the Alkmaar famous cheese market and also a visit to sea shore in Bergen, the North Sea.

Cheese head& Beach pleasure

May 7, Saturday
Leaving from Nijkerk, Watergoor by military vehicles, vehicles from the 2de World War. Of cause Warm clothing was advised, but the weather was good. This is called the Crash sites tour. It is a visit of the places with a specific historical memmory, where airplanes of allied forces crashed.

Militairy vehicles & War Memorial

We had Lunch at Edith’s place
The evening was the Farewell dinner. Place: Steam Pumping Station in the polder of Nijkerk. It was an evening not to forget, we were one family.

Farewell Dinner

May 8, Sunday
Program with host families

May 9, Monday
This was the Keukenhof day, to visit the bulb gardens.

May 10, Tuesday, Departure.
Departure to Schiphol from Nijkerk by bus.

Leaving Nijkerk

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