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Friday28/6 Arrival Guests are picked up by bus from Schiphol
Delta Flight number 0035 6/27/13Estimated arrival in the Postkamer.
Edith will welcome everyone and the host families will be introduced to their   guests.After this meeting, the guests go with their host   family to the host families home.
Town Hall:
Welcome to our guests by Mayor Renkema
Unveiling the Road sign on which is mentioned that Schenectady is the Twin City of NijkerkIn the Restaurant “Prinsesse” for our guests & friends a drink and light   buffet will be served.
With live music by Nanne, Ankie & TseardThe host families will pick up their guests.
Dinner with host family
Saturday 29/06 Day with the host family.
This day  is the “Nijkerk Steam Day”, as   a suggestion one can visit the Steam Pumping Station.
Sunday30/06 Day with the host family.
Monday01/07 Utrecht Host families bring their guests to Watergoor.Departure by bus to UtrechtA visit of the “Museum Speelklok” (Clock Museum)
A pancake Lunch in “Oude Muntkelder”
Shopping in Utrecht
Arrival at Watergoor Niijkerk
Dinner with host family 
Tuesday02/07  Neeltje Jans(flood barrage) Host families bring their guests to Watergoor.Departure by bus to Zeeland
(Coffee in the bus)The program includes the visit of Neeltje Jans and a lunch.Arrival in Nijkerk on Watergoor,Guests can be picked.
Dinner with host family
Wednesday03/07 Nijkerk The families bring their guests to the museum “Oud Nijkerk”   for city tour with visit of the Museum of  “Stichting.Oud Nijkerk” and a visit of the   tower of the Great Church.
Lunch in the Town Hall.Visit of a farm on the New LandIn the Marina a captains dinner
Thursday04/07 Delft Host families bring their guests to Watergoor. Departure by bus to DelftCoffee and a visit to The Porceleyne Fles”
Visit the Church on the Marketplace
Visit of DelftArrival Nijkerk
Dinner with host family
Friday05/07 Amersfoort The families bring their guests to Watergoor.
Transport by car to AmersfoortBoat ride through the canals of Amersfoort.
Lunch at Johannes Church.
After lunch, one is free to visit AmersfoortArrival in Nijkerk on Watergoor, guests can be picked.
Dinner with host familyFestival Nijkerk 600!
Saturday06/07 Day with the host family.Festival Nijkerk 600
Sunday07/07 Day with the host family.BBQ at Edith Terschegget
Monday08/07 Amsterdam Host families bring their guests to Watergoor.Departure by bus to Amsterdam.Coffee at the Accijns Huis (Excise House)
Cruise through the Amsterdam canals.
Lunch at the Heffer Accijns Huis.
Visit to Royal Palace On your own, shopping in Amsterdam.
Meeting point is the building of the Stock exchange.
Departure by bus
Scheduled arrival in Nijkerk,
Dinner at the host family
Tuesday 09/07 Overloon & Het Loo Departure from Watergoor:Program for the men in Overloon War Museum The guests   will receive a boxed LunchLadies program is a visit of the Palace “het Loo”
Departure from Watergoor.
Dinner with host family
Wednesday10/07 Museum The New Land Host family bring their guests to Watergoor,   departure by car.Visit in Lelystad the Museum Het Nieuwe Land (The new Land) plus possibly the   Batavia yardThe guests will receive a boxed Lunch.
In the afternoon shopping in Batavia City Outlet
Arrival in Nijkerk on WatergoorFarewell Dinner Kade 10 English Lane
Thursday11/07 Day of departure Departure from Watergoor by bus to Schiphol.Flight Number Delta 0035Amsterdam 1:05 pm
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