The library of Nijkerk, Frieswijk Street 99, owns a number of books on Schenectady donated by the library from our American sister city.
There are 40 books, written by authors from Schenectady and the surrounding area. Besides children’s books you can find books about the history and nature of this American city.

Some Titles:

Writer Title Subject
Larry Hart Tales of Old Schenectady, Volume I: The Formative Years
Tales of Old Schenectady, Volume II:
The Changing Scene.
Tells about the history of Schenectady
Larry Hart Pictures from the past, A Schenectady Album. Photo book of Schenectady with historical images.
Larry Hart The best of old dorp Collection of Historical Articles about Schenectady from the Schenectady Gazette.
Jack Reber The Erie Canal History of the major shipping connection between the Hudson and Lake Erie.
Russel P. Bellico Chronicles of Lake George, Journeys in War and Peace. History about war and peace around Lake George.
Francis R. Taormina Philip Schuyler, who he was, what he did. Life Description of Philip Schuyler
Nathan colour The Adirondack Photo book Adirondack National Park
Lady Bird Johnson and Carlton B. Read Wild Flowers across America The wild plants of America
John James Audubon The water colours for the Birds of America Photo book on the birds of America


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