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Nijkerk and Schenectady officially connected
This year was for Nijkerk a year of festivities. One of those festivities was the official ceremony of the twinning. Officially the mayor of Schenectady, Gary McCarthy, represented the City of Schenectady and came to Nijkerk with his wife to take part of that ceremony.  On 28 June 2013  he, together with Mayor Renkema, signed the proclamation, which was read aloud by him in the hall of the counsel.

The Mayors sign the proclamation

 Children, in clothing from the time of Arend van Curler, were in front of the parade, where the American guests and the host families and friends walked. The procession was accompanied by musicians and they went to the Nijkerk Marketplace. McCarthy was very impressed with the friendliness of the Nijkerk and praised their knowledge of the English language.

After drums, the board with the text of the twin cities was revealed. This sign is placed at the entrance roads of Nijkerk. After playing some American tunes, by a combination of bands from NSFC and Concordia, the party went to the reception.

Mayors reveil the new board


Special gift
Monday was the Nijkerk-day, where they made acquaintance with the city Nijkerk and that was done by a tour guide clothed in old clothes from the Foundation Old Nijkerk. June Ginter, one of the American guests, had a special gift for this foundation. She inherited an old Delft tile, which was given after the war to her uncle, an aviator in the war. At the back of the tile was a statement of the image stuck. The employee of the museum who received the tile was visibly moved, because as a child she  lived in Rotterdam and experienced the bombing.

At the invitation of the sailing club Zuidwal there was on Wednesday a captain’s dinner, served prior to a regatta. Mayor Renkema surprised everyone by joining us with the dinner. Michael Brockbank was totally caught off guard when the mayor had addressed him. In the rush he was handed a jacket and then the mayor pinned on him the Medal of Honor of the municipality of Nijkerk in silver. Brockbank received this award for his work concerning the exchanges between Nijkerk and Schenectady for more than 25 years. Brockbank spoke words of thanks in both Dutch and English.

An Award for Michael Brockbank and Connie Colangelo


You can find the ceremony with Michael Brockbank on the web:
Erepenning Michael Brockbank.

Since Connie Colangelo could not be present at this trip the silver medal for her was offered by Mayor McCarthy during the council meeting on 8 July in Schenectady. Colangelo made a telephone call to us and stated that she was speechless and that she was very honored by this award. Connie Colangelo is the driving force behind the exchanges and keeping alive the Dutch history in Schenectady.

Nijkerk 600
The Schenectadians, as group ranging in age from 28 to 88 years, all of them have enjoyed the activities of the celebration of 600 years Nijkerk. The (stoomdag) the Day of Steam (there were actually some antique American locomotives present) as well the Festival on 5 and 6 July made a big impression. The laser show and the stuntman on the water dancing during the laser show they found amazing. In America they do have fireworks, but no laser show. This was much better and more impressive! The Dutch think of everything: it remains clean and no air pollution.

Foundation Nijkerk Schenectady
Edith Terschegget, president of the foundation Nijkerk Schenectady, is particularly pleased that the Twin City is now finally official. “With a big smile I drive every time along the boards, which are at the main entrance roads to Nijkerk
Due to this not only Schenectady will be remembered, but also the name Arend van Curler, and that’s important: Because it is our history and every Nijkerker needs to know this! ”

The Entrance of Nijkerk


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